Working on multiple forms using CSLA

Working on multiple forms using CSLA

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mayurimalgave posted on Wednesday, October 09, 2013

Hello everyone..

I have developed a Silverlight application using CSLA & by reffering ProjectTracker sample.

In ProjectTracker sample,a user can work on only one form at a time.

I want to develop an UI using CSLA & MVVM where a user can open multiple forms at a time & work on it.

Is there any technique that will help the user to work on multiple forms simultaneously?

Is there any sample available related to this scenario?

skagen00 replied on Wednesday, October 09, 2013

I can't supply you any code, but we introduced a task bar to the bottom of our application, each task bar item has an image and text - the currently selected task bar item is the main control shown in the window - it works well for us.

We also support "pop-up" browser windows to open up records in new windows (starts new instance of Application which talks to other instances).

Lots of creative things that can be done.

Tom_W replied on Tuesday, October 29, 2013

We've done this too, but in winforms not silverlight.  

It's worth considering from the outset how things like summary lists displayed in one form will be updated when you edit the data in another form, in order that the two forms show consistent data.  You also need to build a mechanism that stops the user opening the same record twice.

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