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Re: From Silverlight to MVC CslaModelBinding child collections

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gyob00 posted on Monday, November 18, 2013

Yes, Edi, I have come to the conclusion that the demonstrative implementation of CSLA is not suited to a ASP.NET MVC MSSQL environment. Its best to factor a CSLA implementation to only have the web server responsible for Log in security and load balance. The database layer should shred the data graph and deliver XML to the front end. The web server should not touch the XML normally. The front end should normally deal with XML unless loop performance becomes an issue. As Rocky states, the demonstrative implementation is really only an example. If you try to use that in an ASP.NET MVC stack, you are just screwing yourself out of performance and time and the real benefits of CSLA.

of course, someone's mileage will vary (and so shoud their factoring), but I have found my current philosophy has yet to be challenged by anything my particular job has thrown at it. XML on the front, a simple as possible web layer with 0-1 DB calls per method (not counting anything the load balancer or login framework may discreetly do), and an overbuilt set of MSSQL stored procefures performs AMAZINGLY and makes Chuck Norris die (its the fastest in the office, by just about 20x)

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