I have some questions about Complex Criteria’s object

I have some questions about Complex Criteria’s object

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BeyondNet posted on Saturday, January 18, 2014

I have a interface (client) with multiples filters, per e.j: 


- Search by Code

- Search by Name

- Search by Last Name

- Search by ....


In these cases, I look with always the need of create a new Criteria object, per e.j.:


- SearchByCodeCriteria

- SearchByNameCriteria

- SearchByLastNameCriteria

- SearchBy....


A form of solution maybe create a class with this filters:


public class Filters


      string Code

      string Name

      string LastName



This class  may put in the constructor of any Criteria Object. But the problem is the same, I need always of conditionals, p.e.:


If (!String.NullOrEmpty(Foo.Code))

   Filters.Code = Foo.Code;


This same problem repeat been in the moment to fetch in the DataPortal:


If (!String.NullOrEmpty(Filters.Code))

   data = targetRepository.FetchByCode(Filters.Code);


If (!String.NullOrEmpty(Filters.Name))

   data = targetRepository.FetchByName(Filters.Name);



The questions is:


Exists any pattern for Criterias, similar to Specifications in DDD, I understand with CSLA .NET is not a ORM, but I think the conditionals in CSLA framework to Criterias Objects is a little problem.


Can you help me with any pattern?


P.D.: I use IoC and DI with Unity, also use Managed Extensibility Framework (MEF) with CSLA .NET to apply polymorphism, but my problem is when I need apply this concepts with the Criteria Objects.


Maybe an option:


public interface IDynamicList<T>


        List<T> FindAllByCriteria(string criteria);

        List<T> FindAllByCriteria(Func<T, bool> criteria);




    public class CustomerMock : ICustomerRepository


        public List<Dto.CustomerDto> FindAllByCriteria(Func<Dto.CustomerDto, bool> criteria)


            throw new NotImplementedException();




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