DataPortal_Fetch not implemented

DataPortal_Fetch not implemented

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un7lg posted on Thursday, March 06, 2014

I try ProjectTracker with SL with CSLA

I got this message "DataPortal_Fetch not implemented" on LogIn procedure:

 public static void GetPTIdentity(string username, string password, EventHandler<DataPortalResult<PTIdentity>> callback)


DataPortal.BeginFetch<PTIdentity>(new UsernameCriteria(username, password), callback);


In my App.xaml Start_Up I have

  Csla.DataPortal.ProxyTypeName = "Local";


What could be the reason?



JonnyBee replied on Saturday, March 08, 2014

Most likely caused by PTIdentity.DataPortal_Fetch not implemented in the SL business assembly. 

SL has no direct database access so I assume this sample will not work with "local"  DataPortal proxt. 

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