Clarify - Private backing fields, LoadProperty, and Common rules

Clarify - Private backing fields, LoadProperty, and Common rules

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swegele posted on Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Hi there,

Need some clarification on this statement from previous post:

My key issue is that there is a LOT you must make sure to NOT use, such as the standard rules, the CslaContrib rules 
or the CslaGenFork rules.

Refresh of my situation:

Currently I am using the CommonRules and they work great!!  Only the DataAnnotation rules do not work.  I debugged the CommonRule, the execution does a Using ByPassPropertyChecks and then calls my getter on the primary property using the DynamicMethodGetter.

Given the following parameters (question below)

Am I missing something?  Thanks for patience as I understand the guts of what is going on. 

This code is screaming fast and I like not having to load my business object properties one by one from the DAL layer at fetch and update!  Yes my DTO is tied into my BusinessLayer, but I am willing to live with that for the benefit.

Extra benefit is I want to spin up a ReadOnly version I can transfer the DTO to a ReadOnly Friend factory method and viola!

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