async await & ConnectionManager<C> & [TestMethod]

async await & ConnectionManager<C> & [TestMethod]

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Peran posted on Thursday, April 24, 2014

I'm just starting a new project and using CSLA async await syntax for the first time, I'm experiencing an issue with the ConnectionManager<C> when running a MS Test, in that sometimes ConnectionManager<C>.GetManager() contains a disposed Connection.


I have identified that DeRef() disposes the Connection but does not always remove the ConnectionManager from LocalContext (LocalContext.Contains(contextName) == false on the thread that is calling it, so can not find it to remove it).

When GetManager() is called for a second time (LocalContext.Contains(contextName) == true, as it was not removed in DeRef(), and) returns the original ConnectionManager which has the disposed Connection.


I can solve the issue by replacing the use of ApplicationContext.LocalContext with a static Dictionary<string, ConnectionManager<C>>, but I suspect there is a good reason why LocalContext is being used?


Some abbreviated code for context...

 public async Task MyTest()
  var cust1 = await Customer.GetAsync(1);  
  var cust2 = await Customer.GetAsync(2);


private async Task DataPortal_Fetch(int id)
  using (var manager = ConnectionManager<SqlConnection>.GetManager(connStr, false))

I'm using .ConfigureAwait(false) in all but the top level DataPortal_XYZ methods.

Any suggestions?







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