Authentication for WinRT LOB app

Authentication for WinRT LOB app

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TSF posted on Saturday, May 03, 2014

I've previously created a Windows Store app that used Azure Mobile Services for authentication, which made things easy. I'm now working on a native Win 8 app for my company, and our network/infrastructure folks aren't comfortable with me using Azure.

For authenticating the clients over the internet for access to back end services within our network, I'm reading through the Using CSLA DataPortal e-book. Specifically, I'm looking at the "Custom Authentication with a Smart Client" section, trying to determine if that is the right route to go.

Does this sound like the right path for native Win 8 clients out in the field to access data back on premises? (e.g. we'd have a DP endpoint in the DMZ that acts as a relay to another DP endpoint on a behind-the-firewall application server, which would then communicate with Active Directory to authenticate and create the principal object.) Thoughts?

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