Windows Authentication in Silverlight application

Windows Authentication in Silverlight application

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cconte posted on Thursday, September 04, 2014

Context : NET 4.5 / SL 5 / Csla: 4.5.601.0 / IIS: 7.5 / OS: Win7

Hi everyone,

I am currently experiencing a problem getting windows authentication working correctly with the Silverlight application demo.  Actually, since I have upgraded the CSLA  assembly from 4.5.501 to 4.6.501, the PopulateWindowsIdentity function return the WindowsIdentity from the  application pool identity (IIS) instead of Windows account user.

The same SL application works just fine if I used the CSLA  assembly 4.5.501

About the IIS configuration, i have sent a post several month ago.

Is someone have already faced the issue or found something about it ?

Thx for your help in advance.


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