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CSLA .NET Contrib - Caliburn.Micro.WPF

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comp1mp posted on Tuesday, October 14, 2014


In the nuget documentation it states: 

"Note - Although not dependant on any specific version of Caliburn.Micro, the ViewModel adapter uses code from v.1.5.1."

I understand the library is done by Tiago Freitas Leal. After searching this forum there are no recent posts concerning this.

Is it possible to use CM 2.0 with this library?

If so, does ScreenWithModel<T> replace ViewModel<T> used in the books and MVVM video series?

When would I use ScreenWithModelBase<T>?

When would I use ScreenWithSubject<T>?

After extensive Googling I was unable to find documentation for this. Does it exist?





comp1mp replied on Tuesday, October 14, 2014

The CslaContrib Caliburn.Micro.WPF nuget package is not compatible with CM 2.0+

CM 2.0 split into two separate assemblies.

A portable class library which keeps the assembly name Caliburn.Micro

A new assembly called Caliburn.Micro.Platform. This assembly now contains many classes (like View) which used to be a part of the Caliburn.Micro assembly.

Tiago or Jonny, how can i contribute a version which is CM 2.0 compatible?


tiago replied on Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Hi Matthew,

I guess all it takes is to be a project member. Jonny can take care of that part.


NuGetting CM 2.0.1 results to a total of 7 compile errors. The simplest one is to delete the


compiler directive that surrounds the

public virtual void TryClose(bool? dialogResult)


There is also an issue concerning View.DefaultContext as this property no longer exists on View. You are welcome to port the code and I can explain how I did it.

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