CSLA and MS Identity

CSLA and MS Identity

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pecen posted on Friday, October 17, 2014


In my MVC 5-Project I want to use MS Identity for Authorization and Authentication. I have built my application according to the EncapsulatedDto-model, hence I among my projects have a Dal, DalSql, Library, and WcfPortal Project.  

I'm want to use Claims-based Authorization, and could of course put Everything in the MVC-Project since MS Identity with its EF-approach is separated from my other database,but then I break my separation of logic, so this is not the way to go as I see it.

I want to use the Identiy and Principal classes in CSLA, and separate all security logic from the UI-part, but am a Little unsure which way to go. The way I'm thinking is to have the usual Identity and Principal classes (inheriting from CslaIdentityBase and CslaPrincipal), in my Library Project, and then create a separate Concrete DalSqlEf-project which only handles the security parts.  

What are your comments on this?


Peter Centellini

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