How to Get an Exception Back From The Service to the UI

How to Get an Exception Back From The Service to the UI

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thaehn posted on Tuesday, October 21, 2014

I have asked this question before (twice, I think) but have never got an answer to the question:

Before upgrading from 4 to 4.5, exceptions coming back from the data portal would have the message of the original exception such as "Another user has modified the row in Table1, update failed".  Now all that comes back as the message is than an Async Error occurred (the message is blank and the exception is thrown from System.Runtime.CompilerServices.AsyncServices.<ThrowAsync>).  There is no detail as to the problem.  The Async exception doesn't contain the original exception:  there is no internal exception. 

If something happens on the server like it cannot connect to SQL Server or some UNC path doesn't exist, no message is returned to the UI to indicate the problem. 

I would REALLY like an example on how to get the exception back or an explanation of what I may be doing wrong. 



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