WPF DataGrid with caliburn micro and CSLA MVVM

WPF DataGrid with caliburn micro and CSLA MVVM

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coding posted on Friday, January 16, 2015

Does any one has sample or a resource link how to integrate WPF DataGrid with CSLA MVVM but using Caliburn Micro ?

-The model from Viewmodel is to be assigned to a Model Collectiion View Source on the event Model_Changed

-The Grid will bind to Model Collection View Source

-I looked at http://forums.lhotka.net/forums/p/9985/46825.aspx#46825, they are binding it to a observable collection, but I found issues binding grid to a collection view source for the model of the view model

-Are there any conventions with Data Grid binding with caliburn ? The link did not mention datasource/itemsouce on the data grid but the name of the grid matched observable collection . I wanted to know all such conventions.

Kindly suggest  


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