MVVM and Caliburn.Micro

MVVM and Caliburn.Micro

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tiago posted on Saturday, February 21, 2015

I know MVVM has been around for a number of years.

On October 03, 2011 Rocky wrote on Why MVVM?:


Does MVVM mean you can completely avoid changing code when the XAML changes? No. But it is a whole lot closer than any other technique I’ve seen in my 24+ year career.


On May 07, 2012 Rocky wrote on Using the MVVM pattern requires a framework:


In the meantime, Caliburn Micro appears to be the best MVVM framework out there – certainly the most widely used.


I guess both statements are still true:

It happens some people still develop in Windows Forms. It also happens Visual WebGUI is a Windows Forms look alike, that instead of making desktop applications, makes web applications.

The point is about MVVM and the lack of decent port of a MVVM framework - any framework - to these programming environments. There are a number of partial solutions but nowhere near the real thing.

Interesting enough, people spent more time arguing why MVVM can't be done on Windows Forms and why Caliburn.Micro can't be ported to Windows.Forms than actually trying to do it.

It turns out that since Mar 14, 2012, there was an almost complete port of Caliburn.Micro to Windows Forms hidden among the +100 forks of Caliburn.Micro. Dan Durland is the author of this port.

The MVVM FX Project took it as a starting point. Some major Caliburn.Micro features were missing but now they are working as they should. We can say the port is in beta stage.

Before a formal release announcement is made, a few more samples must be made. A Csla Adapter (ViewModelBase) is planned as well as a Csla sample.

Since there are enough samples to understand how to use the most basic features, you are invited to start using it right now.

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