Strange problems converting from SL to WPF

Strange problems converting from SL to WPF

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Jav posted on Monday, May 18, 2015

I have converted the bulk of my Silverlight app to WFP without any significant issues, except for one that I would call a nightmare.  I realize it is not a Csla issue, but searching the internet I see lot of questions but no satisfactory answer.

In my SL application in the App.xaml I have quite a few Application Resources of the form:
           <vm:PlanViewModel x:Key="PlanData" />
where PlanData is then used as in DataContext=("{StaticResource PlanData}"). 

Problem comes when I try to enter that line in WPF App.xaml file.  When I enter <vm: the intelliSense promptly brings up my list of ViewModels in a drop down, where I can choose "PlanViewModel. But as soon as I finish the line by typing "/>"; an error condition tells me that there is no PlanViewModel in the very exact folder from which intelliSense had me select it!!  I have the proper reference to the ViewModel folder as an xmlns:vm line in App.xaml.

When I started with this conversion, I had the same problem with my Converters, like ItemVisibilityConverter.  That problem would suddenly appear after I brought in a few of my Page files. Once it appeared, the only solution was to drag everything to trash and start over.  Now for some reason all of that is okay.

I have struggled unsuccessfully to find an alternative to using the App.xaml for these resources but haven't been able to come up with anything satisfactory.  Would appreciate some help.



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