CSLA.NET and CastleProject ActiveRecords

CSLA.NET and CastleProject ActiveRecords

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d3vil posted on Tuesday, December 04, 2007


I'm doing some research to find a better ORM tool for my company (we currently use our own ORM builded into an extension layer to the CSLA).
I looked at NHibernate (and the contrib sample of the PT) and didn't like it very much. when thinking about NHibernate and CSLA there are some conflicts which aren't nicely solved without giving off some feature of either framework (e.g lazy loading, or exposing a session object).
All of this is of course because CSLA is domain-driven framwork and NHibernate isn't.
all that sessions all the time :)....

so during my search I didn't find any good ORM tool that doesn't demand inheritance or session like solutions (or weird other solutions).

all I am looking for is a simple ORM that can read mapping (either by XML or by Attributes) and generate the proper SQL statement - let me figure out which object to save and when. CSLA is handling all that (state etc.) very good and I don't care for the redundency of the states by NHibernate.

then I came across CasteProject Active Records. although its based on NHibernate its successfully hides most of the session handling (sure with some restriction - lazy loading again - but i think that good enough for me).

So, before I'm gonna try it myself and spent much time on it. anyone has experinace with intergtaring CSLA and Active Records?

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