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albruan posted on Thursday, December 13, 2007

I have a web form containing a GridView of overpayments made on insurance claims; these overpayments may have been made to a provider or to a subscriber.  The datasource is prepped by reading in data from SQL Server based on a set of criteria.  As each row of data is processed, I'll know if I'm dealing with a provider or a subscriber for that row; armed with that knowledge and the ID of the entity that received the overpayment, I have to pull back the name of the provider or subscriber from Sybase, accessing it via a provider or a subscriber Web Service.  The problem with this is having to hit the Web Services multiple times, increasing the processing time as the number of rows of data to handle increases.

I thought about passing two hashtable objects (containing nothing but keys, which would be the ID of the entity to whom the overpayment was made) to the Web Services ... passing the first hashtable to the subscriber Web Service if the current row pertains to a subscriber and the second hashtable being passed to the provider Web Service if the current row pertains to a provider.  Coming back from the Web Services would be the hashtables whose values would now be populated with the names of the entity to whom the overpayment was made.  Doing this would require me to look up information in both hashtables tho' and I'm not exactly sure about how well that would work.

What I'd really like to do is hit each Web Service once for the entire gridview and have the Web Service make multiple queries against Sybase rather than what we're currently doing ... making multiple calls to the Web Services with the Web Service making a single call to Sybase.

Anyone have any thoughts on this?

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