Databinding to list<BusinessBase> in wpf

Databinding to list<BusinessBase> in wpf

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ajj3085 posted on Friday, December 21, 2007


I'm trying to setup a CslaDataProvider in my xaml control, but hitting problems... I just don't know xaml well enough yet (can I read ~600 pages over xmas vacation?  we'll see).

Here's what I have thus far:

                ObjectType="{x:Type system:List&lt;RegistrationPhone&gt;}"

I've tried using System.Collections.Generic.List and Company.Software.RegistrationPhone, among other variations of that theme, but no joy.  I get this error:

Error    2    The type reference cannot find a public type named 'List<RegistrationPhone>'. Line 232 Position 5.    C:\source\MedSales\MedSales\Controls\RegistrationPhoneNumberChooser.xaml  

Any ideas?  I have xmlns' for the relevent assemblies. 


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