Code Generation for Web Pages utilizing CSLA?

Code Generation for Web Pages utilizing CSLA?

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CyclingFoodmanPA posted on Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Has any body used Iron Speed, CodeBreeze or CodeComplete to generate web pages as a front end for a CSLA based application?  I downloaded the trial version for Iron Speed and really like the way it cranked out the web pages so quick and added features like exporting to Word, Excel, a CSV file or a .PDF.  I have just spent a few hours examining the product and it is pretty slick.  However, I do not like the way business logic and DAL code is generated, which is a lot like the ASP.NET tutorials I have gone through.

I am a firm believer in Rocky's CSLA methodology and would like something that can generate "pretty" web pages without me learning all the ASP.NET stuff and digging into AJAX, etc.  I am going to check out CodeBreeze now and Code Complete as the CodeBreeze demo on the web had CSLA in their example, so I will have to see if it utilized the CSLA architecture for it's data access and business logic.

Thanks in advance for your help and recomendations.

Keith S. Safford



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