Please confirm LinqBindingList functionality

Please confirm LinqBindingList functionality

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Jack posted on Tuesday, December 09, 2008

The new eBook gives some basic examples for Understanding the LinqBindingList and goes over the add/remove from the list.  It also states that the propery changes are tracked by the N-Level undo mechanism.

I just wanted to make sure that the same holds true when the criteria that defined the contents of the list also changes that the items will add/remove from the LinqBindingList.

For exampe if I create a LinqBindingList based on all Items where a FK = 1234 and a IsValid Flag is False.  If I databind to that LinqBindingList and modify data such that the IsValid flag resolves to True, will that item drop out of the LinqBindingList and my databound control?

Ditto on the reverse - if I programatically modify some values in my originalBusinessBaseList such that IsValid = False those items will suddenly be added to the LinqBindingList?

I got the impression that this holds true.  If not, is there a 'rebuild' method I need to invoke on the PropertyChanged event?

Has anybody had any issues with this?  It sounds too good to be true but I'm wondering if the Databinding and everything will play nicely.



Jack replied on Sunday, December 14, 2008


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