Moving forward in my Silverlight Prototype based on Rolodex, but still have some problems

Moving forward in my Silverlight Prototype based on Rolodex, but still have some problems

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CyclingFoodmanPA posted on Thursday, January 15, 2009

First of all, thanks Rocky and Sergey for your help in my previous blog "Type Initializer Error".  I am getting further now.  Is it just me or is it that Silverlight development has a lot of gotcha's and there is no gotcha manual out there to tell you how to do certain things?  I am bound and determined to figure out how the get my prototype working and figure some things out and develop my Enterprise application utilizing Silverlight.  Hopefully, I will not pull out what hair I have left before then!

Anyway, one question is, I checked the .xap file for Rolodex and noticed in the AppManifest that there was a Rolodex.Business.dll.  I then checked the project files for Rolodex.Business.Client and Rolodex.Business.Server and noticed that they both had the namespace of Rolodex.Business.  I then went into my project files of BAS.Business.Client and BAS.Business.Server and made sure they were BAS.Business.  Before that in my AppManifest file there was only a BAS.Business.Client file.  Why are the 2 put into one namespace and thereby one .dll file?

Another problem I am having is then when I fire up my application, I see the word BAS in the title of the Default.aspx page.  Same place you see Rolodex in the Rolodex example.  However, my login page has not displayed in the last couple of times I ran the application.  It showed up a couple of times, then stopped.  Is there a problem with running the Rolodex example in an instance of Visual Studio 2008 and running my BAS in another instance of Visual Studio 2008 simultaniously?  On both Web projects I have the Auto-assign port option selected so there should be no contention with ports as they are auto assigned.

Also, sometimes when I run the Rolodex example I see http://localhost:4863/ and the login page appears and sometimes I see http://localhost:4863/Default.aspx.  I am thinking some of these things must be related to why my Login Page is not showing up but I just don't have enough experience with Silverlight yet to be able to determine what I am doing wrong.

Finally, thanks for all your support in these forums.  The product Csla and all the support provided, make this framework a no-brainer to use in business applications.






ajj3085 replied on Thursday, January 15, 2009

I THINK the reason is that for .Net serialization to work, the assembly name (including file name) must match.  The one generated from your client project is the one your silverlight project must reference, and the server project would be used on your application host. 

As far as /default.aspx being there or not.. it shouldn't matter.  If it's not there, IIS will go through it's list of default files, and the first file it matches is the one it will serve up.  So if you expect Login.aspx to be your first page, you'll probably have to tell IIS about it for your virtual directory.  If default.aspx is the page that should be served up first, it shouldn't matter if you're using / or /default.aspx.

HTH with some of your questions at least.

RockfordLhotka replied on Thursday, January 15, 2009

Even though these are not entirely up to date in some of the coding details, you really need to read the following blog posts:

You'll probably benefit from at least skimming all the Silverlight-related blog posts here:,category,Silverlight.aspx

(start at the bottom and read back to the top to get them in chronological order)

CyclingFoodmanPA replied on Friday, January 16, 2009

Thank you, thank you Rocky for pointing out these blog posts.  This clearified a number of things!  Now, I am glad I battled with trying to figure out what is going on before reading these posts because things make more sense now.  I will work though this example and then go back to the Silverlight prototype of my application and hopefully will be more successfull.


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