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oneinone posted on Friday, January 23, 2009

is it possible to use javascript with
I want to know answer for both Yes & No?
if yes-->how?
if no-->why?

JonStonecash replied on Friday, January 23, 2009

JavaScript is largely a client browser language that is used to enhance the user experience in the presentation/GUI layer.  CSLA.NET is a back end business layer framework that strongly supports the presentation layer.  They can and have been used on the same application. 

The "how" question is much too vague to be answered.  If you have a question of the form: "I want to do <insert the user experience you are looking for>; I have tried X, Y, and Z with the following results, none of which get me where I want to be;  could I use technology T, and, if so, how?" you are more likely to get an answer that is useful to you.

Jon Stonecash

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