CSLA for Silverlight refactoring?

CSLA for Silverlight refactoring?

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rfcdejong posted on Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Small naming error:
BoomarkInformation should be an BookmarkInformation :)

Visual components:
CSLA for Silverlight seems to be extending more components to be used in the frontend.
For us the "ValidatedDataGridColumn" class won't be used since we'll use 3rd party components from Infragistics or Telerik. I would like to see the CSLA for Silverlight - UI controls extension classes to be added in a seperated (optional) Assembly.

Documentation - Comments:
326 warnings
All in the way "warning CS1591: Missing XML comment for publicly visible type or member"

RockfordLhotka replied on Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Naming: I'll add a bug

UI stuff: Yes, we had to do this because Silverlight is missing so much functionality at the UI level that it wasn't realistic to build apps using CSLA without the UI stuff.

I laugh to hear I should add assemblies. You can't imagine all the crap I got from people when CSLA was multiple assemblies years ago, and how much joy people expressed when I consolidated into a single assembly :)

Docs: I am ever so aware of the missing XML comments. And if I had time I'd fix them all. As it is, I'm slowly adding comments as I work on the code here and there.

You do realize I do this for free, and I (for the most part) do this alone?

rfcdejong replied on Thursday, June 18, 2009

You do a good job and i doubt i would had done the same thing even if i had the time. I get payed to do what i'm good in, ok and do some stuff for a motorclub and my wow guild :)

Anyway, u really can't spit CSLA up into 2 assemblies, just to get rid of the grid reference hehe..
Or isn't Silverlight version 3 not missing UI functionality?

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