the evil "Edit Level Mismatch in CopyState"

the evil "Edit Level Mismatch in CopyState"

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matt tag posted on Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Binding a Janus Grid to a CSLA 3.6.3 collection.  (actually, a root object with child collection).  When I click on my "Add" link, my fRoot.BeginEdit line crashes with "Edit Level Mismatch in CopyState".

I wrote some debug code to dump EditLevels in the collection, and it turns out that the currently selected row in the grid has an EditLevel of 1 (!).  Selecting a new row changes the EditLevel back to 0 and the newly selected row is now at 1.

This grid is set to be ReadOnly - I don't want any editing to happen via the grid, so I would just like to turn off this behavior.  How can I do so?

Sorry if these questions have been answered 100 times - I'm trying to relearn CSLA as an old-school 1.51 programmer.

matt tag replied on Wednesday, June 17, 2009

PS: found my own answer - I needed DisableIEditableObject in my objects.

matt tag.

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