Framework 3.7.0 missing cslalight- unable to build csla-build.sln

Framework 3.7.0 missing cslalight- unable to build csla-build.sln

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c_manboy posted on Sunday, September 20, 2009

I downloaded and unzipped the 3.7.1 framework.  When I open the csla-build sln it is missing cslalight.  The setup project is missing an output which prevents it from building, which I assume is the cslalight project.

The csla builds okay, it's just the setup project that is failing.

RockfordLhotka replied on Sunday, September 20, 2009

csla-build.sln exists to support my build server. And due to some changes to my server infrastructure a little while ago, I don't actually have a build server at the moment, so that sln hasn't been used for a while...

Did it work in 3.7.0? I haven't touched that sln (intentionally at any rate) for months.

Editorially, it is quite amazing how much time and energy is required to set up and maintain a build server. It is a non-trivial percentage of a person's time on a team. Of course I'm a one-man team, and spending many hours fighting with build server configurations is probably my second least favorite thing to do (right after creating/maintaining install packages).

As you can imagine, since I do this stuff for fun as much as anything, the stuff I hate, hate, hate doing falls to the bottom of my to-do list more often than not :)

All that build server, setup project and so forth only came into being through the work of a volunteer (Nermin). Unfortunately he's moved on to other interests, so there's no one actively interested in working on those aspects of CSLA .NET at the moment.

(you can read that as a plea for someone who is interested :) )

c_manboy replied on Sunday, September 20, 2009

Rocky,  thanks for clarifying that for me.  I'm glad to know that I wasn't just "not getting it" and doing something wrong.  As for your question, it did not work in 3.7.0, nor in 3.7.1.

Thanks again!

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