Intelliesense confused

Intelliesense confused

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ajj3085 posted on Thursday, January 07, 2010

Has anyone else had this problem I'm encountering.  If you have a factory method, say

public static MyBO NewBO( MyNVL.NameValuePair value );

Intellisense doesn't pick it up, you can't Go To Definition, and it shows in the Error List.  The method also doesn't show in Object Viewer.

But when you compile, the error goes away and the code runs fine.

Any ideas?

meaningoflights replied on Friday, January 08, 2010


A couple of things to check.

1) that classes are marked as "Compile" rather than "Content"
2) Make a backup then delete the suo file and close and re-open the solution

Is the lack of intellisense limited to a certain type of project (ASP.Net project, a class library, etc) ?

I occassionally get a Permissions error shown in the Error List regarding copying a DLL, pressing F5 twice it'll always run on the second press (weird) and rebooting my PC and seen it disappear for a while too.


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