Need help in Dataportal_fetch

Need help in Dataportal_fetch

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mads31 posted on Thursday, February 04, 2010

i have a dataportal_fetch method which uses a procedure(say list) which takes an id as in parameter and outcursor

the class in which the datapottal_fetch is defined is referred by many other classes..

Now, i need to add an extra condition to the procedure list.. something like

select * from employee where empid = pempid and (emp.join_date IS NOT NULL OR UPPER (:pinactive) = 'N');

for this i'am adding a new boolean property to criteria object

can i use the same dataportal_fetch and define an add in parameter for bool.... i'am messed would be fine if any one give me some idea to carry on


should i clone the fetch method and define a new procedure

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