Need Help with Config files

Need Help with Config files

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CSLANovice posted on Wednesday, February 10, 2010

I am new in SCLA and was wondering if somebody could help me with the following problem:

my front end is very thin (Windows Forms) and all the work is done at the back end.  I would like to have some kind of a server control panel which would let the user start/stop the server and possibly have a "peek" at what is going on in the server (i.e., some GUI done in Windows Forms).

How do I configure my applications (both client side and server side). For example, data portal (url?, proxy?... and other settings).  Any examples, links?


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ajj3085 replied on Friday, February 12, 2010

Probably you would have some command objects which would run on the server, which would query the service status, or ask to stop or start it.  So you'd setup a WCF dataportal so your command's DataPortal_Execute run on the server. 

Note that this won't get you real time updates; you'll have to execute the get status command every so often to update.  If you need realtime updates, you'll have to step outside of Csla and probably look at the Wcf support for two way connections.

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