DataGridView sorting with BindingSourceHelper

DataGridView sorting with BindingSourceHelper

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AdamJones posted on Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Winforms & Csla Version 3.81

I've switched some of my code to use the BindingSourceHelper but I seem to have lost the automatic sorting from my DataGridView. Is automatic sorting supported within BindingSourceNodes?

Here's my code:

void BindUI()
            _bindingTre e = BindingSourceHelper.InitializeBindingSourceTree(this.components,   absenceMonthBindingSource);


_sortedList is is a SortedBindingList view of a BLB object. I've been using SortedBindingList because previously I couldn't get the automatic sorting to work with LinqBindingList (the SupportsSorting property was always false).

Forgive me if I've missed something obvious,



EDIT: I had indeed missed something obvious, please delete this post.



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