Updated change log for 4.0

Updated change log for 4.0

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RockfordLhotka posted on Friday, February 26, 2010

I'm in a spot where it is virtually impossible to do a meaningful preview release of CSLA 4 code. So people who are interested can keep up to date, I have updated the change log with the latest feature changes. There are some pretty interesting changes to think about.

The reason I can't easily do another preview release is that VS10 RC has no publicly available SL4 release. So some of our work has been in Beta 2 (where SL4 works) and some of our work has been in RC. There are two branches in svn (/trunk is beta 2, RC is in a branch) where we're working - and eventually the RC branch will have to merge into trunk.

This is a bit of a mess, but there's no easy solution until Microsoft provides a public SL4 release that works with the RC.

So I could do a preview out of trunk, or a preview out of RC, but neither is the whole picture of the changes... For now updating the change log will have to be enough.

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