Instantiating a DataPortal<> object in SL3

Instantiating a DataPortal<> object in SL3

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chrisdot posted on Tuesday, March 23, 2010


I'm new to this forum (and to CSLA).

I'm experiencing a problem when trying to set up a simple "3-Tier Mobile Objects Model" for silverlight.
I ran through the steps described in "Using CSLA light" articles (part1, part2, part3 & part4).

I'm not willing to use the regular silverlight csladataprovider directly in silverlight. I would like to use the DataPortal<> class instead to get my data. I'm doing this to be able to have my usual MVVM approach.

In my SL side library class, When I invoke my first DataPortal<BO> obj = new DataPortal<BO>() I get the following exception:
"FileNotFoundException: impossible to load the file or assembly 'CSLA, Version=, Cuture=Neutral, PublicToken=null " (sorry, roughtly translated from french)

Of course I've reference the relevant Csla.dll (for silverlight), and I've set ProxyTypeName to:

Csla.DataPortal.ProxyTypeName = "Csla.DataPortalClient.WcfProxy, Csla";


I can't understand. What did I miss?

PS: I'm using VS2010 + SL3 + .NET4 + CSLA 3.8.2

Thank you,


chrisdot replied on Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Sorry, I've solved my problem:

I was not resolving the DataProxy properly. By doing the following it's ok:

Csla.DataPortal.ProxyTypeName = typeof(Csla.DataPortalClient.WcfProxy<>).AssemblyQualifiedName;

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