DataGridView Performance

DataGridView Performance

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MadGerbil posted on Thursday, April 01, 2010

When I open 6,000 records in my application (or even 2000) the computer has to chug away for about a minute.  Most of that isn't the fault of the CSLA framework or even the .NET Framework.   The problem upon opening the large record set is the fact I have to check about 50 different business rules, many of which have to hit a database.   The framework HELPS with that by providing a shared data connection.  That is all good,  the problem I'm worried about here is after the record set has already been opened.

I can scroll up or down and left and right with no problem; however, when I select a cell it there is a 2 second pause between when I click on the cell and when it gets highlighted.   Clicking from cell to cell several times will leave a trail of blank cells that get filled in 2 second intervals until the last cell selected is highlighted.  The draw speed is horrible.

I've read several articles on optimizing things - don't use automatic resizing, don't use individual cell formatting, and so on - but so far I still get that 2 second delay when clicking between cells.  Again, this is after the record set has been opened.  Nothing fixes the problem.

Does anyone else have this problem?

Do anyone else have a datagrid that may be used instead?

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