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Jav posted on Thursday, April 01, 2010

Breaking News:

FDLW (Federal department of Letters and Words)  has announced that the country is fast running out of acronyms.  The department has therefore confiscated all remaining acronyms for the exclusive use of the Government.Yes   Anyone else trying to use one will face strict penalties.  It is reported that the last acronym to barely squeak by was ERLB (Exit Right Left or Both).

A similar problem was faced last month by all major cities around the country as they started running out of street names.  Luckily they were able to avert disaster when someone came up with a truly ingenious set of solutions. 1. Start using the same old names but this time in UPPER CASE.  2. Use a different pronunciation - instead of calling Houston Street as Hewstun Street, call it HouseTon Street.  But this is expected to buy us no more than a year or two.  Chinese has offered to helpYesYes - they have a supply that could last a million years.

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