Re: The state of CSLA code generation c. March 2010

Re: The state of CSLA code generation c. March 2010

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admin posted on Monday, April 05, 2010


Dan and Frazer,

I wouldn't recommend using the old CSLA Contrib templates because all I've heard about them is nothing but headaches from developers on these forums. Our current templates offer a great advantage over other templates in the market. They still will require customizations, and hopefully we have made that easy to do. To put Code Generation into perspective, if it did 100% of the work for you, then why would someone hire you? They should just hire a robot to click the generate button Sad. Hopefully we get you to the 80-85% mark and leave the rest to you. Our initial feedback from people migrating from CSLA 2.x is very positive and showing this 80+% mark.

If code generation is implemented correctly you shouldn't have to worry about the philosophy of I write 100% of my code because it makes me understand it. The code that is generated should be easy to follow and understand and just become an extension of the project or task you are working on. If you code something once, one should have the understanding of the code. If one writes the same code 99 more times. One wouldn't have learned anything the last 98 times. I think this comes down to community involvement. If you don't get active and participate then how are your great ideas supposed to make an impact on the templates and make your life easier?

I think why you don't see many to many support in any of the templates is because there is very little documentation on a common way to accomplish this. I have finally received feedback from the community and will take a stab at implementing many-to-many support again.


-Blake Niemyjski


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