propertystatus, null

propertystatus, null

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fsl posted on Wednesday, April 07, 2010

Hi there

I'm having an issue with the PropertyStatus control in csla 3.8. The 'Property' property is set to point to a property of my BO which is of type Nullable<int>. I have a validation rule that states that this property must not be null. The propertystatus doesn't display the error message, even though the property is null. In the BO's Dataportal_Create i execute ValidationRules.CheckRules() and I'm able to breakpoint into the rule in question. If I change the rule to check for 1 instead of null, and load the property in DataPortal_Create with 1, the PropertyStatus works fine. So there seems to be an issue with a property set to null when created and the control not being updated.

Any suggestions?

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