When is the user finished editing a Child?

When is the user finished editing a Child?

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Jav posted on Monday, May 17, 2010

With the Csla and DataBinding infrastucture working so beautifully there is no longer a real need for an Update process to transfer the data from the screen to the object in the back.  While that is mostly a good thing, it does take away a decisive "endpoint" when the user says, "I'm done - now do your thing". (And, of course, Save button is not an option.)  For example:

The UI screen has two segments, top segment shows a list (BusinessListBase) in a ListBox, the bottom has a panel where user can add individual child objects. The user clicks an Add New button to bring up the data entry segment, which has only two fields, the content of only the top field is displayed in the ListBox, and it appears in the list as soon as the user starts typing in the top field (it is probably becuase it is an AutoCompleteBox).  I need to handle two issues (which were handled by the Update button in Csla2.0 and earlier).

1. I need the data entry panel to disappear when the user is done. I use the VisibilyConverter based on the List being Empty at the start, but after 1 record it won't work.  User can click the Add New button anytime to add a new child which will clear out the fields, but it's not very neat.

2. If the user types in the second field (which is optional) and instead of tabbing out first, just reaches for the mouse to click Add New - the data in the second field gets wasted.  I did add a "pretend" Update button which helps but since it doesn't do anything, and especially since I cannot make the Panel invisible, it is not very neat either.

Can anyone suggest something more definitive?


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