WCF Performance Issue

WCF Performance Issue

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edreyes77 posted on Tuesday, May 18, 2010

I have created a new CSLA based project using Silverlight client and a .Net Broker Service that talks to existing applications.  The Broker talks to these applications using TCP/Sockets and also talks to the clients through WCF using a CSLA data portal.  Right now the .Net Broker Service is just a .Net dll in the solution.

I got this to work first using the VS2008 Web Server, then through some struggle, I got it to work in VS2008 using the local IIS Web Server as the configuration for the Web project.  Then I got it to work as a deployment service using IIS just on my development pc.

I am now trying to get multiple clients to hit the Broker Service.  The first time I call it on IE it comes up pretty fast.  But the second time I bring up the web page - a silverlight project really - I get the page but since my calls to the Broker are asynchronous I have to wait for the reply to show the data.  It seems to be taking a really long time to get replies for the second client.  I don't understand why, one instance of the web app running is fast and the second one is consistently slow.  I am not sure what to look at.  Can anyone explain?   I guess it could also be that the application server is just being slow on responding.  But once it responds to the login then all the other messages are pretty fast.  Can someone help me understand what is going on?

I am using a csla dataportal between the client and the broker.  But I think it is solid.  I think it could be a configuration issue but not sure where.


RockfordLhotka replied on Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Make sure you use compression, that's important:



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