Using ERLB for an AutoCompleteTextBox!!

Using ERLB for an AutoCompleteTextBox!!

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Jav posted on Saturday, May 29, 2010

I may be using the wrong type of list here.
I want to give the user the ability to add (and save to DB) a previously non-existant choice in an autocomplete list - with one caveat, I do not want to save the new item right away when the user tabs out of the textbox but only if an Add button is clicked also.

Originally I was using a BLB, which was just one of the million or so (forgive the exageration) other children of the great grand daddy root object.  Things were working great.

But then I thought that is a lot of child objects the FieldManager is cycling through at Save time (I have more than one autocomplete list and no one knows how big each will ultimately get).  Hence the bright idea - make each list an ERLB, and thus the problem - each items is added to the list allright but no Save to DB.

Going through this topic in the forum, I have already learnt one thing - I can't make these lists the children of the root object - they must stand on the own.  So now the question - sorry for the long sob story.

Am I barking up the wrong list type here - would I be able to make an ERLB work with autocompletebox with a save only when user clicks Add; or is there some magic in the datagrid databinding that triggers the Save?  Would I be better off going back to the BLB?


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