Newbie - CSLA and Silverlight and versions

Newbie - CSLA and Silverlight and versions

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peterj posted on Friday, June 11, 2010


New to CSLA. Lots to absorb.  From looking at previous info I need some things clarifying  and would ask your assistance.

1) Versions

Can I use 3.8.3 in VS2010 targeting .Net 3.5 (I know CSLA 4.0 targets .Net 4)

I am very excited (but have no experience) by Silverlight.

2a) It makes sense to use SL4  and therefore this must use CSLA 4.0 and vs2010??  Any reasons not to start with this version?

2b) If 2a is correct I can't seem to find any sample code/projects showing CSLA 4 using Silverlight 4- is this correct (or have I overlooked something?) 

2c) I believe  there is info on Silverlight  and CSLA 3.8.3 by way of the Silverlight videos - is this  SL3??

So I can't workout the best route to SL and CSLA from what looked at on the web site - any advise (in way of a learning map)  warmly welcome.


3) Not knowing much about SL I am looking to rewrite a business app. Currently app/sql 2005 which has a online module (for bookings) - due to clients not able to give access to the office server my app has two databases - client office and ISP database (with a hotch-potch of data sync stuff)......this is obviously not the best way.

So a new version really needs to have all data stored online, so office can access and online user can do their bits.  I could write a new vb app (or wpf) and a new web app (as now I guess)  to target the single data source or as SL seems to offer a windows type user experience then I would only need one SL application.

Is my analysis correct here - do you think that this makes sense.  

Additional info.

The app is basically a job booking system - 5-10 office users - similar on-line clients (although this may grow but only to a 100.  Abount 3 or 4 main client will use to book upto 50 jobs a day -so this is light usage system).

I know there is a lot of queries here but any advice would be good  as being a lone developer I just need some reassurance of my understanding.














RockfordLhotka replied on Friday, June 11, 2010

It is possible to use CSLA 3.8 with SL4 - there are a couple small quirks to get started, but nothing significant.

That said, CSLA 4 beta 3 is nearly out, and my plan is still for CSLA 4 to release by the end of June, so I think it is valid to consider using CSLA 4 for a new project that targets SL4.

peterj replied on Sunday, June 13, 2010


thanks ....will there be SL4/CSLA 4 videos /sample code as well.........any timescale?




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