Dispatched client/server localization approach for a cslalight scenario

Dispatched client/server localization approach for a cslalight scenario

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chrisdot posted on Wednesday, June 23, 2010


I'm currently working on a project featuring localization depending on a login related culture. Basically, for each user logged in, there can be a different culture assigned (in DB).

I have defined rules that have to be checked either on on server or on client side (or even on both sides). As this rules have to provide a description of the reason why they may be broken, how can I proceed to ensure correct localization ?  My problem is that the rules on client side (silverlight) are generated in the correct culture whereas those on the server are generated in the server's side default culture... Is there any stategy ? 

Should I let the default culture on server side, and then translate them when received on client? Shall I switch the culture on the server side, depending on the user's identity? Any other ideas?

(I'm using the following environnement: .NET 4, SL4, EF4, CSLA  3.8.3)

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RockfordLhotka replied on Wednesday, June 23, 2010

CSLA 4 carries the SL client culture through the data portal to the server automatically. You can either back-port the data portal changes from CSLA 4 into your 3.8 code, or you can move to CSLA 4.

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