Observer Pattern and BOs are Subject

Observer Pattern and BOs are Subject

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emreozanalkan posted on Friday, July 02, 2010

  Let me start simple. For example in "Project Tracker" example, if you open any project to edit you can see resources that assigned to this project, however, if you also open edit resource document with one of the resources already assigned to the project, the changes on resources, which is say names of resources, are not affected to the resources list in edit project. In order to see changes you should close and reopen the project edit.

I'm currently using xp,vs2008, csla 3.8.2, linqtosql dal, codesmith and developing winform application.

Actually i found some resources  // observer patterns in winforms  // Here Rocky says this issue is not unlike
                                                                                         // than Roles RoleList classes. Probably i miss something.  // this guy askin for broadcasting however
                                                                                             // issue seems me related.


So how do you do guys ? How do you make your BOs subjects, and keep/get informed the changes on them to update related data/UI ? Giving a suggestion/solution/example for ProjectTracker would be nice to overcome what i have mentioned above. Than you.

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