Breakpoints do not work in Bxf, even in Debug code

Breakpoints do not work in Bxf, even in Debug code

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Jav posted on Saturday, July 31, 2010

I am working in one of the SlDemos that came with the MvvM viedos.  In an effort to try and understand how everything works, I tried setting breakpoints, but the execution never breaks even after specifically referencing the dll from the debug folder.

In my project I have been using SL Navigation to navigate through more than two dozen pages in one region of a larger overall SL page. The navigation is triggered through button clicks outside the navigation Frame.  Everything has been working like a charm. 

SlDemo appears to be demonstrating the same exact process using a different technique by setting the MainContent of a ContentControl in response to button clicks outside the mainContent area.  Seeing that I have come quite far with the SL navigation, I would probaby not want to backtrack on this issue.

One thing that I would love to implement and which SlDemo has, is showing the IsBusy control and the StatusText - and I would like to show it outside the "MainContent" area, in my case outsite the Frame area and in a single set of controls for the entire app,  just like SlDemo.  I haven't yet figured out how to do that and would appreciate a hint or two.

The secong thing I would love to do:   All of my View - Model communication is through a number of  ViewModels, but only a single ViewModel is handling the entire ObjectGraph.  I did learn in the video and saw in SlDemo the Overload of a ViewModel constructor where the Model object is being sent as a parameter (hint, hint) - interesting.  I am waiting for the last video before embarking on that just so I don't barge into something undesireable.



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