CSLA Snippets - we got 'em or we don't?

CSLA Snippets - we got 'em or we don't?

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Q Johnson posted on Thursday, August 26, 2010

I've seen mention of the snippets in the book and the core 3.8 video series.  The book specifies a location (on page 505) where it says: "you can find a code snippet for both read-only and read-write properties in the Snippets subdirectory in the CSLA.NET code download." (after which it offers a tip on how to get them into the proper folder for use with Visual Studio 2008 ).

I've downloaded the files for CSLA 3.8.3 and can't find them in the framework, samples, or test downloads.

Am I looking in the wrong places or am I just looking in vain?


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