I'm Horrified

I'm Horrified

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MadGerbil posted on Tuesday, October 05, 2010

I'm busy making some updates to a project I wrote 6 years ago using VB and the original version of CSLA.  The application works fine but as I review my code I'm absolutely horrified at what I wrote.   Even using CSLA I managed to violate just about every good design rule.  I hope I get to rewrite this mess soon - like, before I get hit by a bus and someone else has to look at it.

I'll give you an example, but it's embarrassing.

Instead of using a datagrid I actually wrote a routine that extends the label control, adds object data to the label.  In some cases hundreds of those labels are drawn out in a panel that makes it look like a datagrid.  I did this so I could color code cells based upon values.  It's a total nightmare.  It means the form cannot be resized - I should be flipping hamburgers for that mess.

Any ways, any time I get discouraged I view the way I used to do things with how I do them now and the fact is I've made significant progress.  I'm looking forward to the improvements coming with MVVM, 4.0 and so on.  I hope to rewrite that application using all the new things I've learned.

Good times.

RockfordLhotka replied on Tuesday, October 05, 2010

I think we all have that experience on a regular basis. Look at anything you wrote from from 6-12 months ago and all the flaws are glaringly obvious Smile

griff replied on Wednesday, October 06, 2010

Your not alone.  After twenty years of programming every new development is, I hope, better coded.....but it still begs the question of why the last development, say only 6-12 months ago, still has its foibles.  


Curelom replied on Wednesday, October 06, 2010

Reminds me of when I started programing on a Commodore VIC 20 30 years ago.  Nothing but GOTOs.

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