CSLA.Net source won't compile

CSLA.Net source won't compile

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jradxl posted on Wednesday, October 06, 2010


The version of the sources that are included in the Installer version that get installed into  C:\Program Files (x86)\Marimer LLC  are missing various files, such as generic.xaml and some png etc, and thus won't complie. Whether that's a Win7 64bit issue I don't know.

The Source Zip is fine.


RockfordLhotka replied on Wednesday, October 06, 2010

I'm aware of that, and if you want to build the code you should use the Source download. The code in the installer is just there for reference - at least unless I can figure out how to make a Setup project actually dump all the code assets into the installer.

I'm finding that it is harder to get a Setup project working that many parts of CSLA itself. I am really amazed it is this hard to create an installer :(

In any case though, do you really want to be building code that's located in the Program Files folder? I can't imagine that's desirable?

jradxl replied on Thursday, October 07, 2010

You've no idea how brain challenging being a beginner is - but then it might be my age !!  I was needing to add a csla.dll reference and couldn't remember where I'd put the binaries - then remembered it was the installer, then couldn't remember where the installer had put them. Eventually found it was Marimer LLC (by looking down the whole Program FIles (x86) dir), and saw the source. (I work with UAC off!!). Again I'd forgotten I'd downloaded the src separately. (I've been appraising all the current Csla code generators, phew!!)

It's not a complaint, but if if were me I'd, remove the source from the installer - it becoming only a binary and template/snippet installer to a controlled location for everyone; and add a entry on the Start menu pointing to a readme, website link or help - to help stupid people like me. [Or put the src in a zip, so it's easy to move out of Program Files to unzip and compile].

I really like Csla by the way, Thanks for all your hard work. I first looked at it 4 years ago and purchased your 2005 book. But eventually went the Deklarit route. Now Deklarit has ceased being sold, I have to re-write the app. Ugh!  Since the app needs RBAC, your library seems the way to go, and your new extras for WPF binding look exciting. Your 2008 book has arrived and waiting for me to collect from the post office, and I'll ask a question about the Videos in another thread.

Thanks again. Even the 2005 book which I've now read more or less cover to cover over the past two weeks has been extremely helpful


RockfordLhotka replied on Thursday, October 07, 2010

I agree, having the source in a zip would be preferable. Unfortunately I don't know how to get a Setup project to run a command line to zip everything up. Maybe that's not even possible, in which case some sort of powershell program might be required to create the msi. I just haven't had time (or the interest) in working through those issues...

WP7 is infinitely more fun than setup programs :)

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