MVVM Database Sample

MVVM Database Sample

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hurdonjl posted on Sunday, November 14, 2010


I have been working with various versions of CSLA since the mid 90s using Lset. (Which was a brilliant implementation on Rockys part I must say)
I'm not up to speed however on the new stuff as the last app we did in CSLA was a web app with the .net 1.1.
I have purchased both the silverlight video series and the mvvm video series and for the last while have been trying to set up the mvvm sample to use compression and a SQL Express Database. This has proved more daunting than I had expected. I am using sample number 6 from the silverlight series which uses CSLA 3.8.1 as a template , trying to get the mvvm sample which uses CSLA 4.0 to work under the same tier structure.
Things have not been going well due to not having a complete enough understanding as things go wrong.
Does anybody have a mvvm sample working with the business objects broken up into client and server with compression,accessing a SQL express database?

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