Silverlight 4.0: Location of DLLS and Connection Strings

Silverlight 4.0: Location of DLLS and Connection Strings

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mehgerbil posted on Monday, November 15, 2010

I've downloaded CSLA 4.01 and I've begun work on my first Silverlight 4 application.   I've also purchased the Silverlight videos and I'm using the same solution/project organization.   What I'd like is advice on handling a couple of different issues.

1: I plan to have all access to the database server be handled on web server (using the Business.Server project).  I'd like to put my Connection String (password, etc) someplace that does NOT get downloaded to the client.  Would I place the Connection String in the .Web application (static property) or in Business.Server - suggestions?     Does the code in Business.Server get compiled and packaged into the .xap file?

2: I don't care to install CSLA or BFX onto my local machine for development because these projects can get handled by several developers through subversion and I don't want them to worry about installing CSLA and BXF on their machines to get a project to work (In fact, I get a little irritated that demos don't work without doing this when the compiled DLLs should be included in the demo).   Should I create a separate project named Framework and include a CSLAClient folder, CSLAServer folder, and BFX folder and place release .DLLS there and reference them from there as required?  Suggestions?

So far it all looks good.

mehgerbil replied on Tuesday, November 16, 2010

I see now that only the Business.Client library goes down to the Client so connection strings would be safe in Business.Server, which is where I'd use them anyways.   That's a win.   As for the .DLLs I'm placing them in the respective .Client and .Server projects.

This stuff is very bizarre but interesting.

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