Csla + WCF?

Csla + WCF?

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neo_u posted on Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Hello. I'm new to Csla.

So, i'l try to explain my problem.

I have WPF application that uses Csla BO and local database, for Windows not for Web.

My application can be a server and can be a client. It's depends on configuration property.

What should I do to be able to send my BO through WCF? As I understood I should override and change DataPortal_Fetch, Update, Insert, Delete.

If this app is Server than I using my standard SqlConnection and queries else I should send request to WCF server and received request information.

And what about child properties?

I'm loading this properties only when I'm using them.

Can you give some examples?

Thanks beforehand.

neo_u replied on Wednesday, November 24, 2010

I read almost all the forum and found WcfProxy and RemotingProxy.

Can you explain me how can I use them?

I need to change BO between Server and Clients. Can you help?

It's a Windows application without web.

RockfordLhotka replied on Friday, November 26, 2010

Options include:

  1. Look at the SimpeNTier sample in the Samples download
  2. Read Expert 2008 Business Objects or watch the Core 3.8 video series.


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