CSLA for silverlight

CSLA for silverlight

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vinco83 posted on Wednesday, November 24, 2010

I'm trying to implement CSLA in an MVVM Silverlight application...

The app is more or less simple CRUD operations...and for the most part, I've got it down.

However, a few things confuse me:

I'm inheriting from ViewModel<T> in my viewmodels.  When I call this.Save(), everything works fine. However, when I call this.Delete()...nothing happens. I got delete to work by creating a Delete factory method in my BO and calling the dp.BeginDelete method. Is this the correct way to do this?

Also, in order to delete i'm calling "BeginRefresh("DeleteFactoryMethod", params)" from my viewmodel...and in the factory method's dp.BeginDelete, i'm using a SingleCriteria object. How can I pass in more than 1 parameter to the DataPortal_Delete method?

On the non silverlight side, I just create a custom criteria object...but on the Silverlight side this won't seem to work...it appears as though I have to use "SingleCriteria"?

Thanks in advance!


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