Help with CollectionViewSource

Help with CollectionViewSource

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TerryH posted on Tuesday, November 30, 2010

I'm having odd behavior with a viewmodel that I have created using ViewModel<T>. "T" in this case is a BusinessBase type object, that contains a property that's a BusinessListBase.  Everything seems to work OK, I can create a CollectionViewSource by dragging from the Data sources window, I can bind controls to the Model property. The control in the view for the BusinessListBase property is a grid and the grid does in fact display the objects in the businesslistbase, however I can't scroll up and down in the grid, its locked to the first record.

In the data source window I have the Model set as details and the BusinessListBase collection is defined as a datagrid, yet it seems like the behavior that I'm see is that because the model is defined as details all objects below that are being treaded the same way. It doesn't really make sense and so if someone can please offer advise that would be great

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