dataportal.fetch (invalid attempt to read when no data present)

dataportal.fetch (invalid attempt to read when no data present)

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bharat0204 posted on Thursday, December 02, 2010


my application is working good on production server but users report this error on day one or two but i dont able to figure out the problem.

when i am trying to debug the application which same parameters everything works correctly.

even when user change or edit or insert any data in application and after pressing submit button the page load and this error is shows to user while the changes done in database.

everything is looking ok and code is also running well but no idea why this error is coming sometimes to users.

please help.

my connection string is there any problem with this...

<add name="APS" connectionString="Data Source=ABS001PD;Initial Catalog=APSDotNet;Integrated Security=False; Connect Timeout=900; UID=APSdbo; PWD=APSdbo"/>


please help ..i am helpless and users is reporting this problem and creating sound.

waiting for your reply.

Fintanv replied on Thursday, December 02, 2010

Can you post the code from your fetch method?  More than likely the error is there.

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